Long Overdue

This diary (as I would prefer to call it) has been a long time coming.  DϋK Zephne (DϋK) pleaded over and over, time and again about getting her a diary.  She tormented me, gave me sleepless nights, and gave me no peace. Aaaarrgghh!!!  Well finally, my dear here you go!  Can I get some peace now? Hello??? “Yes,” she said.  The life, sights, interests, fashion adventures of DϋK will all be documented.  Trust me, for putting me through all this; I will make sure nothing is left out.

Feel free to spread your love around DϋK (www.dukzephne.com) as we will APPRECIATE it!

Thanks for reading…… 

Have a DϋKified day!

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  1. Ngozi says:

    Proud of U Cuz. Keep it up.

  2. Duk Zephne says:

    Thanks, Ng!

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