The 57th Inaugural Weekend

It is fitting that our first post of the new year involves the inauguration of President Obama.  We would like to first off thank you all, DZ fans and supporters for a beautiful 2012.  We are excited for 2013 and looking forward to our fall launch.

Part of the DZ team, the CEO and President/Creative Director as well as the CBO (Chief Baby Officer) embarked on a trip to the Nations Capitol, Washington DC to witness the inaugural event of second term President Barack Obama.

We left the San Francisco Bay area on Thursday bright and early via Denver, CO to Washington, DC.  How was the trip enroute Colorado to DC?  Needless I say, we experienced so much turbulence that got me weeping.  I began saying what I thought “my last prayer.”  Hubby had baby in his arms and he was going through the same experience by action of clenched fists.  We were shocked and amazed that a one year old could understand such an experience.  What a wonder in God’s creation.  All this lasted only 3 minutes but it seemed like 10 minutes.  It was such a horrible experience that we do not wish that for anyone.  Another surprise for us was how some of the passengers were comfortably chatting away despite all these turbulence.  All I could say was that they are professionals in dealing with turbulence.

We arrived at Reagan National Airport 20 minutes later and were glad to be off the air and on land.

Below are pictures chronicling the trip as well as the inauguration.  ENJOY! :-)

On arrival into the Nation's Capitol! So glad!

Hubby joined in the excitement! :-)

Bowie, MD - Hubby with his nephew and our CBO.

CBO teasing Aunt Zetha during the Nobles' hosted Pre-inaugural brunch on Sunday

So we got our tickets upgraded from Gold to Orange = better viewing

Upgraded ticket to Orange :-) Thanks to the inaugural committee


At the California Inaugural Ball. L-R: Madam Mayor Jean Quan (Mayor of Oakland) with her husband, Dr. Quan and us. My earrings by DuK Zephne.


With Mr. Chen. He's been to Nigeria and has Nigerian clients. My gele gave away the nationality :-)

With Hapreet, hubby's fellow CA delegate

With a fellow guest from Miami, FL

With Andrew Lackman

At the California Inaugural Ball

Okay, a picture day is not complete without one of the CBO.


Hubby & I at the 100Black Men of America, Inc. Inuagural Ball

It's Inauguration Day! The 57th Inaugural Event! With friends & family

There's the ORANGE Gate! :-)

The security check-in tent

Pennsylvania Avenue

CBO is already knocked out and we have not even started the inaugural day yet... #thelifeofachild

21 Gun Salute. #Americaninauguralhistory

The Live attendees... stretched from the Capitol into the National Mall

Ma Famille!

These service ladies did not change position all through despite the cold in their pencil skirts....

The Capitol

Stopped by Zi's house in DC to see Oby. Beautiful place.

CBO meets Aunt Oby, a second time. There exists some bond :-)

A quick shot with President Obama. Came across a lady, Ms. Barbara Person that made corn bread, chili, chicken soup with hot coffee and hot chocolate to commemorate the inaugural day

This same truck was at the DNC (Convention), Charlotte, NC

The side of the truck (only in America)

The back of the truck...

CBO with his dad's godson

Later that night with Nnenna and my lil' nieces


Enroute to San Fran via Denver, CO

He decided to have fun climbing my legs..

We are back into San Fran!!! :-( Let the jet-lag fight begin!!!

A close-up pic of the earrings worn to the Inaugural events. Sterling silver wire-wrapped bean shaped earrings with crocheted details. If you desire a pair, please contact us at and have yours customized. Part of our upcoming collections.


Thank you for visiting.  Team DZ wishes you all a happy new year and more success!


~Team DZ

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  1. Vivi says:

    Looks like you had yourself a fun-filled Inauguration Weekend. It was great seeing you and the fam. Yeah, turbulence are the worst. *shudders*

    • Duk Zephne says:

      I choose to believe that we had fun :-) It was nice seeing you too, Oby! Yeah, never felt this way about turbulence!

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